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The Traits of an Entrepreneur


What defines an entrepreneur? Is it a long list of educational qualifications? Is it several years of experience, perhaps? Or is it just a natural talent that some of us are born with? Whatever the case, it is obvious that there are certain personality traits you will need if you want to make it as a successful entrepreneur. Let us look at some of these traits and how they help turn an aspiring businessman into an established capitalist.

Marketing Skills

Many of us mistakenly take ‘marketing skills’ to mean sales ability. This is true to some extent; a good marketer should be able to “sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo”, as some would put it, but it also goes far beyond simple selling ability. Good marketing is all about identifying who your customers are and understanding their needs and wants. It is also about being able to use this information to foresee what your customers will want in the future, and delivering this before your competition does. This practically boils down to effective communication skills. Communication is a two-way process that involves some talking and a lot more listening. For an entrepreneur, this pays off because you will be able to establish healthy business relationships with your customers as well as your business partners. Knowing exactly what your customers want will help you tailor your products to specifically meet their needs, while a good relationship with your suppliers will ensure that your products are delivered on par with your demands.


Several aspiring entrepreneurs have tried starting their own ventures only to meet with failure. However, this failure can only be a complete loss if you fail to learn anything from the process. Someone who has learned from failed ventures will have a far greater insight into the difficulties that lie in the path of any business and will eventually develop methods to overcome these failures. Someone who is interested in learning, however, may decide to first work under an entrepreneur through an internship or a mentoring program to gain such insights without the costs that are attached to this experience. Being an entrepreneur is all about constantly learning and evolving. As a leader, you are bound to meet with difficulties time and again, but someone who can keep learning throughout the process and grow is assured to reach success at some point.

Dedication, Persistence and Motivation

These are more subtle traits that you, as an entrepreneur, will need to cultivate from within. As mentioned, there is always the possibility of failure when starting your own venture. Being persistent through such failure will be the defining factor in deciding whether you will continue onwards, or choose an easier path. Starting your own business is also a very time-consuming task that will require a lot of commitment from your end. Unlike the typical work environment that separates business and personal life, and entrepreneur’s business is part of his personal life. Just as much as you would be dedicated to your family, wife or children, you will need to be committed to seeing your business grow and prosper. For this, you will need to stay motivated to avoid growing tired of the stress that comes with managing your own business.


Part of being a successful entrepreneur involves going into areas of business that have previously been unexplored. You will need to take risks in order to overcome the challenges you will face. This means that you need to get rid of the fear of failure to be bold enough to seize opportunities as they crop up. You must understand that this does not guarantee success; in fact, your risk may result in a total failure. However, this is only one part of a larger learning process that will help carry you through your journey as an entrepreneur.

These are definitely not the only things you will need in order to become a successful entrepreneur, as opportunity also plays a large role in your success. However, these traits will help carry you through the ups and downs of running your own business. The most important thing to take away from this would be to change your perspective of failure itself. You will have only truly failed when you decide to call it quits and lose all hope. Until that point, all the challenges you may lose are only stepping stones towards your destination of greatness. With this in mind, here’s to the success of your next big venture!

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