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How to reverse the damage of stress

How to reverse the damage of stress Did you know that stress can literally shrink your brain? We all do know that living under stressful conditions has serious emotional and physical consequences. And yet, knowing this, we have so much trouble taking any action to reduce the stress levels we undergo and thereby improve our lives. The answer to this was in a research at the Yale University. Researchers in the university found that stress can reduce the volume of grey matter in the areas of our brains that is responsible for self-control. So experiencing  stress itself makes it more […]

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The Role of Management in Organization Change

  We all know that there’s only one thing that is constant in this life of ours and that is change itself. Change can be scary and cause anxiety but it can also be rewarding at the same time. Even though things in our life are constantly changing, it doesn’t not mean that our response to it gets any easier. It could be something as significant as a merger or acquisition situation for a company or something common like layoffs within an organization. Whether the change is big or small, the role of management is crucial to know how changes […]

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The Importance of Human Resources for Growth

  If your company has only about 50 employees, then Human Resources is often overlooked since all the options are readily available for software where your computer can simply manage all the necessary tasks. But no matter how advanced technology gets, it can never replace the expertise and knowledge than an HR professional can bring to your company. Simply put, the secret behind a successful company lies in investing and implementing a good strategy that is in line with your plan for Human Capital. If you happen to be among those who are rather skeptical about the importance of having […]

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By default, managing your best employees should be fairly easy because since they are your best workers, they require the least amount of work from you. This, however, is not always the case. While high performing employees are great for your company, they can also be incredibly attractive for other companies as well owing to their ambitiousness, passion and creativity. So if your best employees don’t like where they are presently at, it’s very likely that they may find a job elsewhere with virtually no hassle. Moreover, your star employee should be a good example for the rest of your […]

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Being a great manager is tough work where you will need to know how to handle conflicts, how to coach your team, how to delegate tasks and so on. All of this starts with having the ‘results mindset’ and if managers fail to adopt this, then it becomes virtually impossible for them to manage results. So the question arises – what is ‘results mindset’ and how does it look like? Basically, it comes down to the below mentioned principles: 1. Loving the art of managing  One of the manager’s main tasks involves developing their employees and setting a good example […]

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Tactics to make your employees actually care more about learning

Tactics to make your employees actually care more about learning The main focus of learning and development teams is their usage of learning programs and their goals of increasing it. However, this is seen as a huge challenge because a lot of employees often have a very indifferent attitude about learning. So, how can this attitude be changed and how can you, as part of the learning and development team, motivate employees to care about the training that you’re offering? While there is no immediate way in which human behavior can be changed, below are a few tactics that can […]

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Obstacles learning leaders face and how to overcome them

Obstacles learning leaders face and how to overcome them For the majority of learning professionals, the obstacles advancing a learning culture normally include one of more of the below outlined obstacles: Managers aren’t playing their role in encouraging employees to take part in learning Executives don’t do enough to support and promote organizational learning Measuring and defining the value of learning is tough, but it seems necessary to get further support for your programs Employee adoption of learning programs is low Building a modern learning strategy sounds very good but you don’t where to start Let’s look at how you […]

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KEY LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES ACCORDING TO EXPERTS ‘What makes a good leader?’ This is a question that has a plethora of answers that propose key characteristics of effective leadership. However, according to experts, a good leader should possess the following competencies: Strong ethics and creating a sense of safety High ethical and moral standards together with clear communication are universally accepted traits of a good leader and when combined, these two attributes helps the leader to create a safe and trusting environment. When the environment is such, then the employees will naturally feel more relaxed which in turn invokes the brain’s […]

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THE ART OF HANDLING DIFFICULT CONVERSATION AT WORK Having to face difficult conversations is an inevitable aspect of management and finding the right words to use and managing the conversation effectively is an art not many people have mastered. We have all faced uncomfortable conversations during some point of our lives – it could be when our boss lashed out at us or having a client hanging up the phone on you. And instinctively, we tend to avoid the people with whom we’ve had these difficult conversations but this is not the right answer. The key is to handle the […]

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Why developing people is the key to bringing out excellence

Why developing people is the key to bringing out excellence As a leader, the satisfaction that comes with developing others is truly amazing. Helping those around us to develop and mature well is a good indication of excellence as a leader and it can go in benefiting your organization in a number of ways. Moreover, developing others isn’t simply an option; it’s a key feature and function of good leadership. The person who is being developed gains the best benefits out of this and when we help someone to enhance their skills and knowledge, we are in fact making them […]

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