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What we can achieve from using arts in training

What we can achieve from using arts in training In his book “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future,” Daniel H. Pink mentions five creative skills or “senses” that are listed below: “Not just function but also design.” – In today’s world, it is economically important and personally rewarding to create something that is both emotionally engaging and aesthetically pleasing. “Not just argument but also story.” – Data alone isn’t going to be enough. The quintessence of communication, persuasion and self-understanding has the power to fashion a compelling narrative. “Not just logic but also empathy.” – Together […]

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A Leader’s Practice – It’s the effort you put in

  Practice… It is to do something regularly, repeatedly and habitually so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in an activity. Practice sessions are usually uninspiring to an adult as it is to any child who has to go through hours every day to excel at something. Yet, practice is often how leaders approach the development of crucial organizational skills. To elucidate, leaders select the competencies, tailor the content and set up the lessons and the others practice what they preach. Let’s change and take a look from the verb to the noun. Practice as a noun is a craft […]

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Should a team leader be the “Ship’s Anchor” or the “Ship’s Captain”?

Words are incredibly powerful and the arrangement of words is more so. So “Anchor” and “Captain” are basic words but when you ponder over it, it offers a wealth of insight. Take for example, the individual purpose of these two words – once you have determined that, you will start to understand what your people expect out of you as a leader. Do they want an anchor or do they want a captain? Let’s start of with the definition of these two words. Anchor – A means and source of strength, stability and security / a source of binding a […]

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How to Provide Feedback to Your Boss or Manager

Most employees are very hesitant when it comes to giving their superiors feedback or suggestions. This fact, unfortunately, has a lot to do with insecurity and the false impression that those higher up in the pecking order are infallible in their position as well as in their nature. However, the fact remains that nobody is perfect at any point in their career –  bosses, team leaders and managers, they all need to get feedback to identify areas where there is potential for growth- just like employees do. As such, a manager, a boss or a team leader may go on […]

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A good level of responsibility is what enhances performance. While this seems rather simple, looking beyond the surface of this is actually a profound topic. Epitom Consulting, a leading corporate training provider and business consultancy firm, shared their thoughts on this. “There are times when we perform far better than our own expectations and this usually happens in an intense moment, such as a deciding moment in a game. This is known as the ‘Peak Performance Zone’ and you attain the peak of your performance almost effortlessly. Consider Michael Jordon, the basketball superstar. He inhabits a particular zone where excellent […]

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Living a Life without a Goal

Living comes with commitments and commitments are a result of our goals. However, with more goals in life, we are often pressurized with more commitments and obligations and thus, tend to feel restricted and overburdened at time. In fact, being surrounded by too many goals can even rob us of living our life freely. So, if we let go of our goals , will we experience anything fulfilling? Epitom Consulting, a leading business consultancy firm in Sri Lanka that is dedicated to helping their clients in the fields or management, finance, marketing and other arenas of business, shared their thoughts […]

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Employees who demonstrate good work ethics are rare, so when you find such people, treasure them. However, every individual possesses some level of good work ethics and all we have to do is perfect that ability. Certain work ethics are often recognized and these include teamwork, integrity and a sense of responsibility. Companies work hard and even spend huge amounts of money in compiling work ethic traits into policies, training people and creating complicated HR practices to evaluate their employees. The downside though is that despite investing so much of effort in this particular subject, employers are still seen lamenting […]

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Benefits follow CSR

CSR is at the meeting point of customer and community expectations, company and shareholder expectations, and employee expectations, each a distinctive set. Corporate establishments can reap five primary benefits by adopting comprehensive CSR initiatives, namely: brand and image building, profit and innovation, governance and compliance, community engagement and customer and employee engagement. But how does CSR in reality produce these positive changes? In this article, we will take a look at how CSR can bring about a constructive change for corporate establishments: Augmenting Profitability Of the aforementioned five primary benefits, the company and shareholder expectations are centered on boosting profit. […]

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With the rapid rise in e-commerce and online marketing, new techniques and strategies are being introduced into the digital marketing arena. If you want your online marketing campaign to stand out in 2016, here are some of the top digital marketing trends to watch out for: Messaging apps will go bigger Messaging apps are all set to be the next big thing in digital marketing and its potential impact in the content marketing system should never be underestimated. In the past few years, statistics have proven how big messaging apps have become. The four leading messaging apps are now the […]

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Research has shown that the lack of advancement by women in their individual workplace isn’t, as most believe, due to the failure to learn and the greater responsibility of child care. These two factors cannot fully explain why women aren’t reaching the higher levels in their workplace. Rather, the main culprit behind women’s failure to advance in many corporations is due to the difficulty women experience working together with male colleagues and senior male executives. The question is: Why do women have such trouble interacting? Studies suggest that the heightened consciousness of issues pertaining to sexual harassment has left men […]

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