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In the year 2016, almost all CEOs will tell you that talent is the one asset that is the most valuable for their association and that their culture is their best competitive advantage. And yet, for numerous organizations and companies there still is a hue gap between the rhetoric and reality. This scenario presents an immense leadership prospect for HR who is the only team that is in connection with all parts of a company. HR professionals are in the perfect position to assess what the most creative and engaged teams are doing and thereby building a culture around them. Leading organizations successfully is simply getting the right tools out to the right people. Here are four foolproof ways to achieve that in 2016:

Serve the company by working for the team leader

Engagement and encouragement is often fueled by team leaders. Yet in many companies, HR evaluates engagement in a yearly survey and team leaders get their data months later.  Like it was mentioned above, HR professionals need to put the right tools in the right hands and this can translate to developing strong connections with team leaders.

Take on dynamic and proactive teaming

The concept of teaming is a rapidly shifting arena today as new employment models come forward and more workers think of their jobs as mere short-term stints instead of long-term commitments. The goals and tools should echo this reality instead of being arranged through static. If companies lack the dexterity to keep up with dynamic teams in real time, then companies are merely acting on information that’s inappropriate or outdated.

Assemble consistent and real-time metrics

In general, most engagement surveys ask a lengthy series of questions that really show no relation to improved performance or maintenance. To address this issue, companies need to recognize the real questions that give out the desired outcomes and the data is put back in the hands of team leaders so that it could be amended right away. Additionally, performance assessment is in need of a major overhaul and many organizations have realized this now. A growing number of leading companies have now given up on the traditional annual performance reviews. While innovations are essential, abandoning ratings altogether isn’t a feasible option either. Companies will always need a method to distinguishing talent but without the practice of rating people based merely on goals as this will produce bad data. Studies have shown that 61 percent of a performance assessment mirrors the person assigning the rating instead of the one being assessed. Fortunately, there’s a way out of this. To gather substantial performance data, team leaders can be asked questions frequently about their strategies for every member in the team. The combined data will help companies realize what to do with each individual, period by period.

Utilize machine-learning algorithms

Once all the correct methods are in place, the company systems should be able to learn the rating patterns of each person over time. This will help counteract the normal unavoidable biases. Algorithms can be applied to gauge each individual’s strength and in doing so, it’s ensured that the training suits each individual’s personal style.

To create a perfectly functioning company, organizations need to recognize the best teams and develop more groups like them. If HR professionals can achieve this, companies will definitely attain greatness in 2016.


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