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Epitom Trinergy

Epitom Trinergy


It is a synergy of three state-of-the-art elements that is emerging as the proven reason for the development and success of many businesses.

Our synergised solution includes;

  1.  Internet Marketing  

Internet Marketing is an essential part of marketing nowadays almost across the entire globe. It has proved to be an efficient and effective marketing tool which is why more and more marketers concentrate on developing Internet Marketing tactics into their marketing plans. As the global online population increases, so does the importance of Internet Marketing.

How TRINERGY helps your business reach your target audiences:

  • Pay-per-click Campaigns – Being relevant to a particular purpose helps convince people to visit your website or any of your online channels. We can help you in that context by launching PPC campaigns for targeted keywords.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Being the most relevant listed answer to a search done by a potential client helps your brand win business. We can help you to optimize your website or any of your online channels so as to be listed on top in the search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing – Becoming interactive with your target audience and allowing your brand to become viral helps you to reach double the audience, as opposed to not presenting your brand in the Social Media Platforms. We help you build your brand online and interact with you target audience.
  • other internet marketing tactics

2.       Application Development 

Simply being in the Internet arena is not enough as to capture attention your web presence should be interactive. It is essential that your brand interacts and engages with potential customers. Get your target audiences to be active, entertain them, and successfully convert them to loyal customers, though such methods as having entertaining yet brand recalling apps

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Facebook Application Development

3.       Web Development and Web Designing

Having an attractive yet informative and useful website is no more an option but a must for businesses. People have become smarter and no longer take adverts and promotions at face value. Nowadays they research online to find out the credibility of businesses and brands. Having an interactive website is one of the prime necessities to gaining online credibility.

We at TRINERGY develop websites that are user-friendly with designs that are appealing and convincing. We conduct research to understand precisely the nature of our clients’ businesses and the types of products and services offered. We then develop and design websites that will act as the prime source of credibility for your business, a portal that disseminates all required information that your target audiences seek. Basically we help build a channel that builds your brand image positively.


  • We are not offering a single solution for your business development and success. Instead we are offering a synergised solution of three technology oriented cutting edge services.
  • With our synergised package you get three services for the price of one. You are charged only for the single outcome of the synergy.
  • Our panel of eMarketers, Web Developers, Apps Creators and IT Specialists are highly passionate about all internet and ICT developments and are well aware of avant-garde avenues to apply for business success.
  • We guarantee that our services will be delivered on time with an empathic and personalized approach to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and success.



Epitom TRINERGY is a techno initiative from Epitom Consulting. “We guide you to success” drives all our operations at Epitom Consulting, which is a Marketing Consultancy and Corporate Training body incorporated as a Private Company under the Companies Act, No 7 of 2007 of Sri Lanka. Establishing ourselves as a successful venture that has supported many local and international entities in the arenas of Marketing and Training, we also have moved into the field of Technology where the future business world is directed to.



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