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Marketing Consultancy

Our consultants, who are qualified and passionate, develop customized marketing strategies and tactics, for clients, that are innovative, effective and result oriented. As marketing consultants in Sri Lanka our marketing strategies and tactics would include traditional as well as emerging marketing trends which ensure that our clients are competitive in their market and enable to outperform their competitors.

Business Consultancy

When it comes to starting a new business or taking an existing business to a new level, it involves great efforts in finalizing the management related aspects. It involves financial predictions, marketing activities, branding, business model development, staffing etc. Our experts would ensure that the ground work is perfectly done where the client can confidently travel ahead without any hazards.

e-Marketing Consultancy

There has been a tremendous growth in the field of internet marketing during the recent years with many offline companies taking their business online and thousands of others starting completely online businesses. With the recent developments in the internet, there are new business opportunities emerging. We guide our clients to stay abreast of recent developments in internet marketing and thereby ensure the success of the business.

Marketing Communication Planning

It is always accepted that an effective marketing message has the power to convince the consumers, speed up sales and boost the bottom line without any additional efforts. We always come up with Marketing Communication Plans that are innovative, updated and interesting. We always work tirelessly to develop marketing communication concepts which attract new customers, bring repeat purchase, and enhance the brand awareness.


Market Research and Feasibility Studies

The success of a business does not always depend only on the product, resources involved, and good management. It also depends on the market needs, market attractiveness, competition etc. We always identify a clear competitive edge for our clients through our Market Research and Feasibility Study services to offer them an exact picture of the industry and the necessary arrangements to fit into the picture aptly.


Business Plan Writing

Our panel of experts is extremely skilled and qualified, especially in writing business plans for Small Medium Entrepreneurs, for those who are planning to start up their own business, approaching a financial institution for a loan etc.

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