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Tactics to make your employees actually care more about learning

Tactics to make your employees actually care more about learning

The main focus of learning and development teams is their usage of learning programs and their goals of increasing it. However, this is seen as a huge challenge because a lot of employees often have a very indifferent attitude about learning. So, how can this attitude be changed and how can you, as part of the learning and development team, motivate employees to care about the training that you’re offering?

While there is no immediate way in which human behavior can be changed, below are a few tactics that can make your employees truly care about the learning opportunities you’re offering.

1.   Make your classes a strong platform

Obviously, this comes as the first most important point. If your training isn’t good, then people are naturally not going to be very interested in it. So, what does great training look like? Basically, it comes down to relevance and quality. If your training effectively teaches people the skills they want to learn more about, it will resonate better with your audience.

     2. Offer a range of learning options

All employees learn in many different ways with some preferring eLearning courses where they can learn at their own pace while others prefer in-person training. In order to accommodate the requirements and preferences of everyone, it’s a good idea to offer a wide array of learning opportunities that encompass eLearning courses and in-person training. This means that if you reach an employee through either of these means, you actually increase your chances of trying some other mediums too.

3.   Make learning a feature of performance reviews

Managers will often point out areas of improvement during performance reviews and while pointing out to what these areas are is important, it’s more important to offer a solution for this as well. This is exactly where learning programs come into the picture. Reach out to managers and offer classes that can enhance a specific skill so it could be included in their performance reviews.

4.   Make your eLearning courses accessible anytime and anywhere

According to research, people prefer watching eLearning courses between the times 7-9 am and 4-6 pm. The reason for this is that a lot of people watch videos while commuting and the point is that if you want people to benefit from your learning courses, then it should be available anytime and anywhere.

5.   Get your CEO to talk about the skills he/she is looking to improve

This is actually a tactical move – besides enhancing your learning program, it can also make your employees more concerned about learning. And as with most things, this starts with the top. If the leader of an organization talks about what skills need improvement and what specific training programs can help improve these skills, it will have a ripple effect throughout the organization and people will immediately prioritize learning.

   6. Make learning competitive in a fun way

A surefire way of increasing awareness about your learning program is by gamification which is turning learning into a friendly competition. You can challenge your employees to see who will take the most classes and give out free goodies such as a t-shirt to the winners. In addition to increasing participants to your learning programs, it also helps in building morale.

   7. Recognize people who are active participants

Go the extra mile of highlighting those who are participating in your learning programs. For example, this can be done by giving out company swag to dedicated learners or talking to an active learner and asking him/her about how learning has helped in their career and then share this story throughout the organization.

   8. Inform departments when you have a new course that it important for them

Many times, eLearning companies you subscribe to will launch new classes that are important to your company. It’s important to follow these tends so you can stay updated about what is new and you can also inform the relevant department that there is a new offering that their team should check out.

  9. Have a learning newsletter

Many learning and development organization will probably be having a newsletter already but it’s important to make the newsletter is dynamic as possible. For instance, you can feature a course that is currently trending within your organization or highlight a particular story that helped an employee to get promoted.

  10. Link learning programs to the outcomes

It’s very important to relate learning to positive outcomes so people will be motivated to undertake the program. You could do this by showing statistics about how certain programs have successfully helped in increase employee performance and these metrics are certainly going to be noticed by people.

  11. Get creative

Take this as an opportunity to get creative. You can make interactive posters or funny videos to encourage learning. You can even hold a tea party for participants who have not missed a class in the past month.

The above mentioned ideas are some tactics which, if implemented correctly, can certainly motivate employees to enroll into a learning and development course and enhance their skills in order to overcome business challenges.



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