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The Importance of Human Resources for Growth


If your company has only about 50 employees, then Human Resources is often overlooked since all the options are readily available for software where your computer can simply manage all the necessary tasks. But no matter how advanced technology gets, it can never replace the expertise and knowledge than an HR professional can bring to your company.

Simply put, the secret behind a successful company lies in investing and implementing a good strategy that is in line with your plan for Human Capital. If you happen to be among those who are rather skeptical about the importance of having to hire an HR professional, then below are a few reasons that might just convince you as to why you should incorporate HR in your plan for growth.


If you rely solely on technology, then there might not always be a possibility of being able to recruit the best talent within your industry and attracting them to get involved with your company. A professional HR individual will always know the process and expertise required in order to attract the best talent your business needs. And as we all know, the golden rule is that the success of your business comes from the success of its employees so an HR professional plays a pivotal role in this.

Establishing employee handbooks/policies

One of the reasons why an HR professional is so valuable is when it comes to creating policies and employee handbooks for your organization. When your business starts growing, it becomes extremely important that you spend a good amount of time in discussing and executing policies that will protect your business as well as your employees, who are your greatest assets.

Employment Compliance/Law

As discussed in the previous point, the importance of setting up company policies and employee handbooks is something that cannot be overlooked. Similarly, being up to date and compliant with all employment laws is equally important in order to reduce liability exposure particularly in the present times where laws are constantly changing. You obviously wouldn’t want to put your business in jeopardy by not paying due attention to HR compliance concerns.

You can outsource a professional in order to handle this at the initial stages but when your business starts expanding, then you might want to consider having an HR team of experts to promote the growth of your company.

More satisfied employees

When you have successfully hired the top talent, then now is the time to use good strategies in order to retain them. Low retention and high turnover can reflect heavily on your company and can even create a work environment that is not as productive or efficient. If you do not establish a strong HR foundation, then your company might face repercussions in the future. In order to avoid this, invest at the early stages by hiring a competent HR professional. Satisfied employees translate into productive workers since they feel safe within the organization and as a business, this is exactly what you need.

The bottom line

The value an HR professional can bring to the table cannot be underestimated. This is why you should take the time in order to invest and incorporate HR as part of your company’s growth strategy.


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